Hello, friend!

I’m Alycia Downs, a small-town Southwest Florida girl obsessed with storytelling and the wild outdoors. 

In college, I discovered that a marketing career path aligned perfectly with my creative compulsions. Words, pictures, and colors that evoke emotion and action? That’s my jam. 

After several years as a marketing agency manager in the motorsports realm, the walls came closing in and I made my escape to the mystical world of freelance entrepreneurship.

I’m a writer, creator, and shoddy photo-taker specializing in outdoor communications, conservation, fishing, hunting, and Florida culture. Somewhere along the way, I got mixed up with a couple fishing guides on a mission to save the Everglades, so I dabble in that, too.

Like my ancestors before me, I’ve never left Florida (like, for more than a week or two). My husband, Mike, and I hide out in our little riverside bungalow and balance the remainder of our time in the woods or on the water, season-dependent.

If you want to collaborate on projects, email me at alycia@tideandtale.com.




I once had a traditional 9 to 5 desk job. I had grown distant from my roots, thinking I needed to be a polished and proper lady climbing the ladder. By chance, I attended a personal growth conference and my soul was ignited to discover my life’s true purpose. What I discovered was: everything I was meant for was everything I was running from. My small-town, outdoorsy, rough-around-the-edges, simple, optimistic way of life.

So I did what every person does who doesn’t know where else to funnel their passions: I started a blog. This is the space where I pour the musings of my soul. Where I strive to inspire you to embrace the wild world, especially as our lives become more consumed by screens.

In these pages, you’ll find truthful tales of fishing, hunting, and Florida lifestyle, woven together with honest confessions and encouraging optimism; all with the goal of inspiring you to get outside and live a creative, adventurous, and fulfilling life. I hope you’ll enjoy hanging out with me here.


Love, Leesh

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