TIDE + TALE exists to inspire you to disconnect from devices and distractions, to get outside your four walls, be spontaneous, be creative and live an adventurous, fulfilling life.

Here you'll find tales of the outdoors, photos of fish and a lot of encouragement to get outside and explore your backyard. You don't always have to travel far to try new things.

All are welcome here and I hope you find something that leads you to create new, memorable experiences in your own life. When you do, I'd love for you to share. 

Thank you for spending your time with me and please don't hesitate to reach out and say hi!


Once upon a time, I was a wild-eyed child, barefoot, boyish and raised in the woods of Southwest Florida. A love for the outdoors has been ingrained in every fiber of my being since the day I was born.

My childhood was spent camping and four-wheeling the woods of Arcadia. Fishing in the Keys. Hunting in Tallahassee. Wakeboarding on Lake June. This hot and humid playground has helped shape me into the passionate outdoorsman I am today.

that's me on the right, rockin' the one-piece. photo taken in key largo BY MY MOTHER, circa 1991.

that's me on the right, rockin' the one-piece. photo taken in key largo BY MY MOTHER, circa 1991.

I'm now a grown-up (sort-of) wild-eyed, barefoot adult, years-deep into my career and spending my free time chasing the sun around Florida and beyond.

They say that singular moments combine to create the story of your life. I'm on a mission to make sure mine is spent doing the things I love and hopefully inspiring a few others along the way.

A sudden, perfectly-timed inspiration led me to start TIDE + TALE as a creative outlet and personal challenge. I'm grateful to share my world with you and hope that it will impact your world in a positive way.

My passions, combined with my mission to learn, grow and experience, fuel the work you’ll see within these pages.

As you browse around, you may notice a certain gentleman. My boyfriend, Michael, is a huge source of support, an impressive outdoorsman, a TIDE + TALE model/captain by default and a phenomenal human being, in general.

I hope you’ll enjoy TIDE + TALE and spread the word about it. Most of all, I hope you’ll feel something. Inspired, grateful, informed, happy, empowered, any good and wonderful thing.

Take the good vibes and pass it on.

Love, Leesh