Don't Take My New Years Advice, It Would All be a Lie.

It’s a new year. The time to reflect on who we’ve been and how we want to change in the year ahead. Or if you’re like me… your world might have been flipped on its axis and you write down so many thoughts and goals that they’re all just rolling around in your brain aimlessly, never to be acted on unless you get your you-know-what together.

Your Instagram feed is abounding with profound reflections and resolutions from people who have it all figured out (or seem to). Most of them flawlessly attractive, reporting from a pinterest-worthy micro-cabin on a snowy lakeside mountain, with twinkling string lights, wearing flannel socks, and cupping an enamel mug that reads “Life is a Journey.”

I want to chime in and give you million dollar words of wisdom for the new year; but it would all be a big fat lie. I haven't gotten that far yet. 


Life is currently a wild, beautiful mess (in the best possible way). I quit my job. I’m diving into the depths of self-employment. I got engaged to the love of my life. And I want to pick up this blog and all my new ventures, life goals, wedding planning, and adventure-chasing and enthusiastically leap into the new year, rocking every bit of it and telling you that you can do the same. But that's a whole lot of "wants" in a 5-pound bag.

Maybe you are also feeling the pull of wanting to do monumental things, better help more people, and have a cooler Instagram story. It's tough to feel like you're capable of great things when surrounded by the deafening silence of your little home office. Or a hectic, exhausting daily list of to-dos.

The truth: I’m dead center in this wild imbalance of change, opportunity and disarray. It’s not a clean, orderly slate for me yet. But I know I will get there.

Change is the most refreshing, yet bittersweet, force to reckon with. I'm still sifting, organizing, planning and prioritizing. I’m trying to define what I want my future to look like so that I can craft an action plan to make it happen. All the while, I just want to close my laptop, get on the boat and go fishing with my new fly rod setup.

It's okay to not have it all figured out. I can’t imagine that life gets any simpler with time. But we all have a heaping pile of goals, dreams, and desires, two hands and 24 hours. Turn off Netflix and get to work. 


My words to you now are: thank you. Thank you for sticking with me, reading my words and allowing me to tell it to you straight, without any fancy frills or filters. I’m pretty open about the fact that I’m figuring things out as I go. But then isn't that all we're really doing in life?

I'd never dreamed of starting a blog or writing things that people actually want to read. Or having someone tell me that this blog inspired their husband to start fishing again. Or that they would like to interview me (I see you, Gabriella Hoffman).

I'm humbled that there is some spark of purpose in what I’ve started.

My mission for TIDE + TALE this year is to get to the core of it and find the best way that I can help you or inspire you. And to continue encouraging others to get outside, especially in my local community. 

Here's what I will say about the new year: Nothing changes if nothing changes. (Thanks, T). Have courage. Make sacrifices. Do what you have to.

My promise to myself for 2018: 

  • I will say no to: self-doubt, fear, complacency, comparison, excessive time on social media.
  • I will say yes to: courage, more days outside, finding purpose, reading books, becoming a more proficient angler, a cross-country roadtrip with my fiancé, sunscreen, spoiling my nieces, more pictures, writing and learning.

We'll figure out the rest as we go. Happy New Year, friends. I am so grateful for you.

Love, Leesh